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An excerpt from the article Feeding According to TCM by: Roger Clemmons

Food, water and air are the essentials of post-natal life. We derive the energy (Qi) and the fluid necessary to maintain the body's functions through these sources. They must be replenished constantly or the individual dies. Consumption of bad food, bad air or bad water will eventually (if not sooner, than later) result in alterations in health, leading to organ damage, decreased defensive Qi and invasion of external pathogens. Eating the wrong food can lead to alterations in health by upsetting the energy balance and leading to stagnation of Qi flow. Eating the right foods can not only help maintain health, but health may even be restored by eating foods therapeutically.

Basically, a balanced TCM diet means two things: eating foods of various flavors, energies and organic actions (rather than to concentrate on a single flavor, energy or organic action); and, selecting foods according to individual needs and physical constitution. It is not always easy to achieve a balance, since the mouth and tongue tend to determine the individual's taste. As part of the digestive tract and being related the stomach, sweet foods tend to be most pleasurable and eaten most freely, while foods that nourish other organs can get ignored. Preparing food that assists the functions of all of the organs and still pleases the mouth is the art of a TCM diet.

The art of TCM food therapy is impressive. Hippocrates, the father of modern Western medicine, who said, "Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine." Bringing TCM together with modern knowledge of vital nutrients allows food to feed the body and soul.