Veterinary Herbology in Orlando

Herbal treatments for horses, dogs and cats in Winter Park, Oviedo, Altamonte and surrounding areas

Herbs are the oldest form of medicine on earth. In mans earliest recorded history herbs were already being used for healing. By 300 B.C. herbal medicine was a highly respected and practiced study at the medical cultural center in Alexandria Egypt. By 77 A.D. Pliny the Elder wrote the Historia Naturalis, a documentation of well over 1000 herbs. During the renaissance, herbalism was refined into a true healing art. Unfortunately it was treated as a clandestine almost mystic practice wherein women and novices who were caught performing it were pronounced heretics and burned at the stake. This may be why it still has a connotation of being a more esoteric modality today.

If we observe animals in their natural habitat well see that they are instinctually drawn to specific herbs. The field of Zoopharmacognosy has demonstrated this to be true. From our kitchen to our back yards nature has provided us with a constant reminder that all we need to heal and soothe our pets and ourselves is well within reach. After all, 25% of conventional pharmaceuticals are derivatives of plants. The world health organization says that 74% of plant-derived medicines have current uses that draw a parallel to their historical applications. Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA continue to look closely at herbs and their effects. Most recently herbalism has been experiencing a renaissance of its own. As herbs become more widely available to the general public it is not surprising that people are applying this form of alternative medicine to their companion animals.

Like any form of medicine the strength and type of herb used is something to be approached knowledgably and with some care and is why you should contact someone trained in this field of study before trying to administer them to your pets. The fact is that some herbs are harmless while others can have serious side effects if not used properly.