Holistic Vet Phone Consultation

Phone Consults for Holistic and Nutritional Well Being in Pets

Does your pet suffer from chronic issues?

Do the treatments your pet receives only seem to temporarily relieve their symptoms?

Does your pet frequently fail to respond to traditional treatment modalities?

Do you feel like you have tried everything and your pet just is not getting any better?

All of these questions and others can be very frustrating and when traditional medicine and treatment fails. This is exactly why alternative treatments just might be the answer for you and your pet.

If you need the professional opinion and advice of someone who practices integrative veterinary medicine (meaning a combination of traditional medicine and holistic/homeopathic veterinary medicine) and you do not live in the Orlando area to visit me in person I can still help. I offer holistic veterinary phone consultations where I will gladly review your pets' symptoms and diagnosis and make recommendations and help devise a plan to get your fuzzy friends back on track. Or maybe you just need a starting point or want to discuss different ideas. A holistic veterinary phone consultation is a great place to start.

My holistic and nutritional vet phone consults are by appointment only. I am sorry, but I cannot answer questions and go into detail about your pets' current situation until during the phone consultation.

However, what aids me greatly and to help to make the vet consult the most productive as possible is to sum up your pets' issues as concisely as possible and to provide me with all of the previous treatment records and diagnoses. This way during the phone consult I will have the background and will be able to provide you with my opinions and recommendations for holistic treatment options, nutritional and diet changes to consider, homeopathic remedies and possibly alternative traditional medicines.

I hope to speak with you soon!

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